Your Kinect Disneyland Adventures kick off November 15

Disney Interactive and Microsoft have announced that Kinect Disneyland Adventures is hitting shelves on November 15.

That’s just in time for the holidays, making Kinect for Xbox 360 an even more attractive option when parents are deciding on presents. Disneyland Adventures brings players into the famous theme park, with a series of mini-games and walkthroughs of some of its biggest attractions.

On its own, this game holds absolutely no appeal for me as a gamer. But as a parent, I’m all about it. It’s too bad that my daughter is too small to be recognized by connect properly, but you can bet I’d be playing it right alongside her. But if you’ve got a little one, this and Double Fine’s adorable Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster are certainly good reasons to put Kinect in your living room.

Nick Chester