Your ghosts come back to haunt you (literally!) in Extreme Exorcism

Four player fun

You know that great feeling in life when you’ve fucked up? Maybe it’s immediate, like when you drop your iPhone or accidentally dismember and decapitate your neighbor and dump his body piecemeal into the ocean. Maybe it’s that gnawing, years of having fucked up. Wondering how a smart young boy ended up a broke, sad, always tired man and watching a mental slideshow of bad decision after bad decision.

Anyways, that’s a game now. It’s called Extreme Exorcism and it’s coming to PS4, PS3, PC, Xbox One and Wii U this year.

I played it at GDC this year and boy let me tell you — it’s fun. Every move you make is saved as a ghost that comes back to threaten you in the next round. There’s a competitive mode that has you avoiding all the additional ghosts over time as you try and best your pals, a co-op mode focusing on ghost hunting, and a challenge mode. You can read more about it over at the PlayStation Blog.

Steven Hansen