Your extra PS5 controller might arrive way ahead of your PS5

October 30 is the new release date

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Sony is inadvertently taking teasers to an all-new level. Two weeks before the PlayStation 5 shows up on doorsteps, some folks will be getting their spare PS5 controllers in the mail.

Some people who ordered PS5 accessories through Sony are getting emails that the delivery date is being bumped up to around October 30. The PlayStation 5 launches on November 12. The PS5 controller isn’t compatible with the PS4. That means it’s useless until the PS5 arrives. Tantalizing but useless.

Here’s what the confirmation email looks like:

This doesn’t seem to be a one-off or a logistics mistake either. The DualSense controller page on Sony’s site now marks October 30 as its official launch date. It’s just gonna get there early. Other retailers haven’t necessarily followed suit. Jordan tells me that Amazon still has November 12 as the day his extra controller is scheduled to arrive — for now, at least.

Earlier isn’t always necessarily better. This time it just makes the wait a little tougher. Next-gen is showing up in bits and pieces, and that’s unintentionally kind of hilarious.

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