You’ll have no paradoxes deciding whether to buy the Humble Paradox Bundle or not

Perfect time to jump onto the genre that will suck your life away

Well well well, what have we here? A new Humble Bundle from the good people at Paradox Interactive? Don’t mind if I do, and I hope you will too. Granted you will have to be a strategy fan to appreciate this bundle as the majority of games in it are in the grand strategy genre. But, if you are curious about the genre then now is a great time to jump on. Paradox is also known for pumping its games full of DLC post-release so this is a good time to get some of its base games on the cheap then decide later if you want the DLC.

The pay-what-you-want tier has the most wide-appealing mix of games with the magic based co-op-centric game Magica 2, the hands-off real-time strategy Majesty 2, and the city-sim Cities in Motion 2.

The beat-the-average tier is where it starts to get into what Paradox is known for, grand strategies. Crusader Kings II with The Old Gods DLC, Hearts of Iron III Complete, and Europa Universalis III Complete will fill your life with all the strategy you could ever want. There’s also quite a few mods around for these games, especially Crusader Kings II if that type of thing is your bag. The critically acclaimed CRPG Pillars of Eternity is also in this tier which has been on my watch list for a while, and ultimately sealed me getting the bundle.

Finally in the $12 tier is what I would consider to be the most accessible grand strategy that Paradox has ever put out. Stellaris is a science fiction grand strat that has an actual tutorial in it as opposed to every other Paradox release that just throws you into the deep end and expects you to float. It’s also the only grand strat that they have released that isn’t based on history so you don’t feel obligated to cross over into Poland as Nazi Germany on September 1st, 1939.

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