You’ll crap your pants while watching this SW: TOR trailer

Whoa. I first saw this new Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer (available after the break) at Electronic Arts’ insane booth — really floor — at Electronic Entertainment Expo. It’s a high-intensity, no-hold-barred CG first-look at what BioWare and LucasArts are bringing to the table with the MMO. It’s impressive, I promise.

Of course, the footage isn’t indicative of the game — The Old Republic doesn’t look that pretty and the action is nowhere near as fluid. Think of the trailer as a set piece, a bit of story to explain the events you’ll be actively participating in if you choose to pick up the title.

It shows the sacking of Coruscant, the event that signaled the Sith resurgence. You may cry while watching: BioWare and LucasArts are giving Star Wars its swagger back.

Brad BradNicholson