You’ll be able to rep Mr. Destructoid in Rocket League soon!


Mr. Destructoid has been around for almost 10 years now (!!), and in that time his cold steel frame has graced a few video games. First there was Bomberman Live, then came Raskulls and BurgerTime World Tour. Heck, the green metal helmet has shown up on Xbox Live avatars too. The point is: Mr. Destructoid gets around. Don’t worry; he’s been tested recently.

This might be the most proud I’ve been to see Mr. Destructoid show up in a game, in part because I helped make it happen (props to Mike Martin for getting the ball rolling), but largely because Rocket League was one of the best games to come out last year. Look at that flag! That’s some hot stuff right there.

The Mr. Destructoid flag should show up in the Community antenna section of the garage after the February update, which should hit within the next couple weeks or so. The best part? It’s free. Show your love for the robot and represent Destructoid out on the soccar field!

Darren Nakamura
Darren is a scientist during the day. He has been a Destructoid community member since 2006, joining the front page as a contributor in 2011. While he enjoys shooters, RPGs, platformers, strategy, and rhythm games, he takes particular interest in independent games. He produced the Zero Cool Podcast for about four years, and he plays board games quite a bit when he can find willing companions.