You’ll be able to play Rocket League in real life very soon

Well, a scaled down version, anyway

Rocket League has been incredibly popular since its release over a year and a half ago. The simple concept and easy-to-start, hard-to-master gameplay have kept people coming back for more car soccer over and over again. Over 25 million people have played Rocket League, so it’s little wonder that developer Psyonix is looking for some other ways to capitalize on this popularity.

We’ve reported before about real-life soccer balls patterned after the one you’ll fight over in-game. But earlier today, we learned that Zag Toys is working with Psyonix to produce a line of pull-back racers based on the cars in the title.

There will be 12 cars in the first series, and VentureBeat reports that a limited number of the toys will come with codes for things like skins and other cosmetic items. The cars we know about so far are called Backfire, Dominus, Grog, Hotshot, Masamune, Merc, Octane, and X-Devil, but the other four haven’t been given names yet. Each car will be packaged inside a Rocket Ball, though it’s unclear whether you’ll be able to set up shots with it. Zag Toys’ website shows a launch date of Spring 2017, so you should see these cars available for purchase sometime very soon.

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