You sunk my Battleship! Hasbro games half off on XBLA

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Here’s the thing about Battleship: You can cheat. I can’t say that I never did it — cheat, I mean. Look, with some quick movements and a carefully placed diversion, you could even move a ship. Did you always find yourself losing at Battleship? If so, you didn’t cheat enough. Making it a videogame fixes that. Kind of.

Battleship and other Hasbro games are the Deal of the Week on Xbox Live Arcade. It joins Connect 4, Scrabble, Yahtzee, Boggle and Sorry Sliders in a temporary price cut, down from 800 Microsoft Points to 400. Scrabble is a worthwhile investment, I’d say.

You may want to hold out for the Hasbro collection, which GameStop says is coming in November.

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