You should check out the LawBreakers open beta this weekend

It’s live now on PC

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Boss Key has opened up the LawBreakers beta for the long weekend, and I’d implore you to try it if you’re at all interested in arena shooters. I’m not always, but I found it to be good, hectic-but-still-manageable fun. Brett and I played the game together once, a year ago, and we got way into it.

More to the point, LawBreakers is going to cost $30 when it launches for PC and PlayStation 4 in August — it’s not free-to-play as originally envisioned. This is probably your best chance to see what’s what.

The open beta is now live on Steam and it’ll run until Wednesday, July 5 at 9:00am Pacific.

  • New Map: Vertigo– located in a remote location in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Vertigo is a high-altitude reconnaissance outpost with near suborbital elevation; 
  • New Mode: Uplink – capture the uplink in the center of the map and deliver to your team base, continuing to protect it until points are earned;
  • Weapon Stickers – players can test a new customization feature and earn a special Beta participant Weapon Sticker by completing five matches during the event. This reward transfers to the full release of the game at launch.

Here’s a quick preview of that mode in action:

As for the PS4 version, there’s a similar event happening this weekend, but it’s a closed beta.

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