You probably won’t need this Xbox 360 S transfer cable

The type of people that would need a cable that transfers data from one Xbox 360 S to another Xbox 360 S are the same type of people that have things like imported Italian marble pillars in their home. Non-load bearing Italian marble pillars. If your range has more than 8 burners, or if your dog uses Paul Mitchell shampoo, then you might need this cable to transfer data from one of your new ‘slim’ Xbox 360 S units to one of your other ones. 

Major Nelson suggests that you can use this cable to transfer data to your new Gears of War 3 console. You didn’t buy that just for the art, did you? Or are you marble pillar guy? Can I borrow $50?

No pricing or availability was given in the post, but we’re sure it’s going to be priced about the same as the previous transfer cable. 

Dale North