You need to watch this savage backflipping dinosaur kill in Fortnite

This person may have uninstalled the game

Fornite‘s wacky themes allow for some pretty crazy interactions, and as the game only continues to grow in viewership on Twitch and its playerbase expands, we’ll probably be seeing a lot more of those moments.

This scene, from Twitter user Lex La Flame, showcases a pretty amazing use of the “Flippin’ Sexy” emote to flip in the air, land inside of a bath tub, then quickly shotgun an enemy in the face.

The silliness of Fornite will only work in its favor going forward, as people seek an alternative to the growing list of brown military shooters. As someone who was fairly unimpressed by the horde element a while back, it’s crazy to see how far this project has come with the amount of care put into its Battle Royale mode.

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