You might have played against the creator of Tetris in Tetris 99

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You might have beaten him as well

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The 35th anniversary of Tetris is this month, and to celebrate the creator Alexey Pajitnov has been doing a kind of celebratory press tour. On the weekend of the actual anniversary he showed up at the Los Angeles Barcade event, and at E3 last week he sat down with Nintendo Life to discuss his work.

The biggest takeaway for me was how much Pajitnov lavished praise on Tetris 99. While he didn’t shy away from saying that Tetrisphere (the Nintendo 64 game that he worked on) was overly complicated, he said that he loves and plays Tetris 99 as much as his son will allow him to. Pajitnov also admitted that he’s not that great at it, with his highest finish being third.

He also throws some well-deserved shade at the block piece. Take that ya useless Tetromino!

The entire interview is really charming and drives home the feeling that Pajitnov is proud that his work will one day outlast him. You can read the interview over at Nintendo Life.

Feature: Tetris Creator Alexey Pajitnov On Tetris 99, Tetris Comics And His Favourite Tetris Piece [Nintendo Life]

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