You love Grow Home so much that it’s free on PS Plus next month

Other PS Plus titles revealed, too

Grow Home entered the PlayStation Plus Vote to Play contest and it climbed, climbed, climbed in the polls. It climbed higher than any others. It climbed so high that it has left the stratosphere of games that cost money and entered the realm of free titles.

For the month of September, Grow Home will be free for PS Plus subscribers. The games it beat out, Armello and Zombie Vikings, aren’t completely left hanging; they each will be on sale for 30 percent off. That discount runs for half of the month — from September 1 through September 15.

PS Plus members have gotten acclimated to having more than just one free game, however. That’s why Grow Home isn’t the only gratis title. Joining it are Super Time Force Ultra (PS4), Xeodrifter (PS4, Vita), Teslagrad (PS3, PS4), Twisted Metal (PS3), and La Mulana EX (Vita).

This was the first Vote to Play, but don’t expect it to be the last. It seems like there was plenty of fan participation, probably enough to warrant another campaign — especially considering the fact that voting will become quite thematically relevant in the United States over the next year or so.

PS Plus: Free Games for September 2015 [PlayStation Blog]

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