You look like you could use a new Rage trailer, stranger

Although we heard a little about id’s other new first-person shooter, Rage, at EA’s E3 press conference, I didn’t really know what to think about it. Heck, even with this brand new footage from QuakeCon I’m still not exactly sure how the game is going to end up.

Rage looks to be set in a desolate wasteland populated by ugly sewer dwellers, dune buggy drivers, and Irish race promoters. Some of the dune buggies even have big guns on them, which could certainly make for promising races.

A word of warning to those that might be looking to pick this up on the Xbox 360, though: John Carmack has stated that due to the size limitations of dual-layered DVDs, the 360 version of Rage will look worse than on the PC or PS3 due to the compression needed to fit it on two disks. id could have added a third disk to keep the visual quality up, but the royalty fees Microsoft charages to do so would have apparently been too high.

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