You know you’re a hardcore gamer when…

10. You take bribes on a regular basis from people dying to get on your Xbox Live friends list.

9. You actually thought Viva Pinata hentai was a good idea.

8. Two words: Halo cosplay.

7. You love gaming themed clothes so much you even wear Super Mario Bros. underoos to seduce your lover.

6. You play Uno on Xbox Live while eating a bag of chips, drunk, naked and on web cam.

5. Your weekly celebrity sex dream now features Peter Moore. “Show me those sex tattoos again, Peter.” Extra hardcore points if you’re a guy having this dream.

4. You can’t read this list right now, because you’re camped outside of the Best Buy waiting to buy your Sony PS3.*

3. Once you buy your PS3, you plan return to your camping spot to further wait in line to get your Nintendo Wii.

2. You’re pregnant and ready to bust, but you’re still camping out for your PS3 and/or Wii.

1. You barely game any more because you spend all your free time writing for a gaming news blog for free.

* If you paid someone to wait for you in line, you aren’t hardcore, you’re just a wuss. A real gamer would risk his job and family for a next gen system.

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