You know you want it: CSI: Deadly Intent demo now on XBLM

So, a demo for Telltale Games’ CSI: Deadly Intent went up on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace recently. Get it here, if you want. I don’t know how I wasn’t aware that this was something Telltale was working on, but man. Total shock to me.

Anyway, the real reason why I wanted to post this is due to a message longtime community member Professor Pew sent to me after I noticed he was playing the game (you dirty Achievement whore):

I just solved the mystery of the lesbian stripper lovers! Suffice to say … this stripper lost more than her clothes. YEAAAAAAHHHHH

If it’s anything like the forensic investigation segments from Condemned 2, it could be worth checking out. Then again, the drunken hobo fights and nonsensical story — a secret society full of demon-like creatures is afraid of your sonic powers that you can use to blow things up, WHAT? — tied the game together nicely.

Jordan Devore
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