You have until tonight to download the Monster Hunter Rise Switch demo

It ends at 3AM ET on February 1

So, the Monster Hunter Rise demo is pretty good! But as a reminder, you only have a certain amount of time to download it.

When, exactly? Well, at 3AM ET on February 1 (that’s tomorrow morning, US), it’ll be removed from the shop and multiplayer will be shut down. However, you should still be able to play it offline, if the phrase “online play will be disabled after the trial period for this demo, at which point you will have to use local play,” at the start of the demo is accurate.

That said, there is a 30 quest limit on the demo, which is reset every time you download it on a new profile. So if you plan on playing the demo even more than you already are, you may as well grab it on several profiles just in case: as you’ll have to wait until March to get the full game anyway. Or, you can simply delete your demo save data, which will restart the demo clock. It’s your choice!

Monster Hunter history dictates that we will likely get another demo with another set of missions though, so stay tuned. Until then, you have a little under a day to at least download this thing if you haven’t already.

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