You got your Triforce in my cutting board

I think the primary reason that this gamer creation bamboozles me is that I can count the number of gamers on one hand who actually like to spend time in the kitchen. In fact, the modus operandi of the hardcore gamer is usally to game until stomach pain ensues, at which point he or she ventures to the refrigerator in search of frozen food, pizza rolls, ramen noodles or something edible in a bag. Notice that I said “he or she” above, and am not waggling my finger at the male members of the gaming collective alone ( I too am guilty of the above actions.)

That being said, if you somehow miraculously manage to plow 40+ hours into gaming a week and still whip up meals in the kitchen as well, it may please you to have your very own Triforce cutting board. Etsy user 1337motif created it using walnut and hard maple and will sell it to you for $125 plus shipping. A bit pricey, but seeing as its already a niche item anyway surely the type of person seeking a Triforce to chop onions on will hardly flinch. Get yourself a matching Link apron and you’re ready to Emeril.

[Thanks Adam!]

Colette Bennett