You don’t want to miss picking up The Textorcist for free this week

Elite Dangerous headlines next week

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You can choose to look at the weekly Epic freebie as a glass half-full or half-empty situation this week. On one hand, we’re only getting one free game. That’s how it went last week too, when we only got Dungeons 3. Looking a gift horse in the mouth and all, we’ve been trained to expect two!

But, on the other hand, it’s a damn good freebie. Typing-action meets bullet-hell in The Textorcist. Use your WPM to fight off your demons, use your arrow keys to keep from catching an evil spell with your face. The Textorcist is certainly unique in the way it makes you swap between typing and moving, but it probably won’t do your typing technique any favors.

Epic has another niche game on deck for next week, it’s just a much more expansive niche. Elite Dangerous will be free on the Epic Games Store starting on November 19. Now that the Horizons expansion is permanently part of the base game, anyone who picks this up will more or less have the complete Elite Dangerous experience. It’s a smart way to expand the userbase before the Odyssey update arrives in 2021.

We’re back to two games next week, as Elite Dangerous is accompanied by puzzle battle/visual novel hybrid The World Next Door.

The Textorcist [Epic Games Store]

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