You don’t need to brave sweaty crowds to see the Mirror’s Edge comic book

Didn’t make it to San Diego Comic-Con to pick up the convention-exclusive Mirror’s Edge comic book we told you about last week? Yeah, me neither.

But thanks to our friend Spencer over at Siliconera, it’s like we were actually there, man. He braved the not-so-long lines at Electronic Arts’ booth to pick up a copy of the comic, and then used wacky new technology to scan it for all of the world to see. Thanks, Spencer!

The comic (the first in a series that will be released by DC to coincide with the game’s release) features Mirror Edge protagonist Faith jumping across rooftops and balancing on things. Hey, you can do all of the stuff in the game! Wait a minute, is this comic book a thinly veiled advertisement?

Sneaky as it might be, it’s still pretty cool, and certainly doesn’t make us any less excited for Mirror’s Edge‘s Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 release. Hit up Siliconera for the comic book goods.

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