You Don’t Know Jack returns like a foul-mouthed phoenix

If any of you are as old and losery as I am, you might remember wasting hours in front of your PC to the tune of You Don’t Know Jack, one of the finest aural experiences to spring forth from the sticky womb of the gaming industry. Helmed by a cast of snarky, radio-friendly disembodied voices that have charmed generations of armchair trivia crusaders, You Don’t Know Jack spanned eleven releases of high-octane, low-brow rapid fire trivia with genius writing that would rival your Onions or Daily Shows with ease. Standard-issue trivia questions were accompanied by special question types like the Gibberish Question, Dis or Dat, and the always mindboggling Impossible Questions (“I’m thinking of a number between one and nine. What is it?”).

The series has been off the radar since 2003, when You Don’t Know Jack Volume 6: the Lost Gold was released. Recently, however, the game has made a stunning comeback as a flash-based dose of trivia in the form of a daily Dis-or-Dat round, courtesy of one of the best hosts to helm the games: Cookie.

Go check it out. If the humor is up your alley, there’s a lot more to be had; the YDKJ store has every volume up for purchase, all retooled to work in Windows XP. Show your support. These guys kept the seat warm for PC gaming before 3D acceleration finally kicked into high gear, and managed to be fun as hell while doing it. Take that, Chip’s Challenge!

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