You deviants watched a lot of Pornhub on PlayStation 4

Sullied your hands

As part of their year in review for 2017, Pornhub released the stats for interesting things like length of time per visit, most searched terms and stars, and even down to age group. But the relevant thing here is which consoles most people streamed from. 

The majority of streams are on PlayStation 4 with 56%, followed by the Xbox One with 32%. Apparently “Nintendo’s portable 3DS had a large increase in market share but still only makes up 1% of game device traffic,” according to their data. Also of note is that “Nintendo’s original Wii had a large decrease, while the updated WiiU now accounts for 5% of console visits.”

Most interesting of all is that Pornhub mentions a rumored app for the Nintendo Switch later this year that they would be happy to work on: 

Nintendo’s newest Switch doesn’t yet have a browser, although it’s rumored that one will be implemented sometime in 2018 — at which time you can be sure Pornhub’s development team will work to ensure full support.

The end of year data is pretty interesting overall, and you could give it a look at this obviously NSFW link

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