You can’t miss the Bloodborne and Shadow of the Colossus special outfits in Ghost of Tsushima

Great games converge on another great game

You already look stylish when you’re slicing and dicing in Ghost of Tsushima, doubly so when you’re hacking away in black-and-white mode. Add to the aesthetic by infusing your samurai warrior with Kratos, just as Kurosawa intended.

Sucker Punch has brought some of PlayStation’s all-time great games to Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, the co-op focused multiplayer mode (that’s surprisingly really good). Until January 15, you can unlock outfits from Bloodborne, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Shadow of the Colossus. Images of all four are in the gallery below.

Each costume is tied to a different class; complete a single story or survival mission to unlock the costume of whichever class you played as. For example, clear a mission as the Hunter to earn Aloy’s outfit. Kratos is the Samurai, Aloy is the Hunter, Shadow of the Colossus is the Assassin, and Bloodborne is the Ronin.

New looks from some of PlayStation’s heaviest hitters. It won’t be long until future games get Ghost of Tsushima skins. It’s that good. It’s just a shame that Sucker Punch couldn’t find a way to shoehorn an inFamous outfit in. I’d play as Delsin, the beanie-wearing samurai.

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