You can watch the entire Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Fest for free here

Kirby 30th Anniversary Music

The full performance is on YouTube

Nintendo said that a Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Fest stream was coming (with a live audience in Japan) and it’s here! You can watch it below.

The stream actually debuted on YouTube roughly four hours ago in the US morning of August 11, and the entire thing is available to watch now from start to finish. The crew goes through the entire series with a wide variety of instruments, and the stream occasionally has a box in the corner to showcase what’s on-screen (typically gameplay of the level/scene involved, as is common with many video game live concerts) while the camerawork zooms in and out on the musicians.

Like the Sonic stream before it, it’s a fun little way to spend an afternoon, especially if you’ve been missing live music (as a small note, the dialogue is in Japanese, outside of Kirby very cutely saying “bye bye” at the end). Honestly? We need more of these! The Genshin Impact team has done a pretty good job of keeping this dream alive, but more publishers getting involved is a good thing. Especially if it actually has 30 years of history to draw upon like the Kirby 30th Anniversary Music fest.

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