You can watch the entire campy Ruby Spears Mega Man cartoon on YouTube

Or watch Pharaoh Man punch Mega Man instead

Back in 1994, Ruby-Spears Productions teamed up with Capcom and created a now-infamous Mega Man cartoon.

Plagued with animation quality concerns, campy dialogue and wide-reaching themes from the games the series is now an oddity of sorts (even beyond other game adaptations like Mario and Sonic shows): one that you can watch for free officially on YouTube compliments of DHX (the studio responsible for the new show Mega Man: Fully Charged).

While this channel has been around for a bit, as Mega Man blog Rockman Corner points out, a lot of folks have been unaware of it for some time. Given that most people probably aren’t going to buy the DVD set as a sort of novelty, this is your chance to randomly check it out.

If there was one episode to recommend, I’m with Rockman Corner on “Mega X” due to the sheer absurdity of the Mega Man X link (it even has Vile and Spark Mandrill).

Mega Man Retro [YouTube via Rockman Corner]

Chris Carter
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