You can pretty much skip load times with this Street Fighter V mod

Are you reaFIGHT!

Apparently some people were taking issue with the load times present in Street Fighter V. Color me surprised, because I’ve often heard other issues that relate more to the lack of content than anything wrong with the game code.

Still, one modder has taken it upon themselves to virtually eliminate load times with a new mod. Basically, it increases the framerate of the user interface at the character select screen and that somehow gets you into a match almost instantaneously.

The mod comes courtesy of ToolAssisted. His only explanation for the mod is, “CHAR SELECT UI 60 FPS -> 255 FPS LOL.” I guess there wasn’t much to change on a technical level, which highlights how strange it is that Capcom would even code this to begin with.

My best guess is that this was enabled to combat latency issues between the PS4 and PC. If someone is rocking a craptastic connection, maybe this faked load time allows for better synchronization between two opponents? I’m honestly drawing a blank, because I would think that having a game with no load times would be preferable to an arbitrary waiting period.

If you would like to see a comparison video, then here you go:

Street Fighter 5 mod makes loading a match much quicker [Eurogamer]

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