You can play the Blade Runner adventure game again thanks to GOG

A new lease on life

GOG has come through for fans of classic PC games time and time again, and today marks the arrival of something special: the digital release of Westwood’s 1997 point-and-click adventure Blade Runner.

This revitalization was made possible by GOG, ScummVM, and Alcon Interactive Group. They not only untangled the rights (a feat in and of itself for an old movie tie-in game), but got the thing running reliably on modern computers. The folks behind ScummVM had to update the engine for Blade Runner.

It’s available digitally – and DRM-free – for $9.99 on Windows, Linux, and Mac. If you’re feeling nostalgic or maybe just curious as a first-time player, the game is currently 10 percent off.

Before you ask, no – you don’t play as Deckard, though some characters from the film reprise their role. You’re another replicant-hunting detective, Ray McCoy, and you’ll have to deal with random elements, branching paths, and time constraints while you’re out in LA gathering clues to solve your case.

This is one of those legacy titles I just never played. It’s fantastic to have it become hassle-free.

Blade Runner [GOG]

Jordan Devore
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