You can now pay for RuneFest using virtual currency

It’ll take quite a while to pay for

Are you super into RuneScape? Are you hoping to go to the RuneFest convention in London this October? Apparently, you can now pay for your tickets, accommodation and flights if you’re ludicrously rich in virtual currency.

So, how does this work? Well, tickets to RuneFest cost £99 each to purchase. You can purchase that same ticket using RuneScape bonds, a virtual currency that is used for purchases that stretch into the tens of millions of gold.

A RuneFest ticket costs 35 bonds, which works out to over 320 million gold. Using that as a basis, you’ll need around 320 million gold in game for every £100 of RuneFest travel, accommodation or flights you want to pay for.

The Runescape economy at this point is pretty fucked up. Players who have a lot of gold are able to acquire more very quickly and those new to the game face an impenetrable barrier to developing wealth. So, if you’re lucky enough to be absolutely fucking loaded in RuneScape bucks then feel free to go hang out with your fellow RuneFest bros for ‘free’.

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