You can now make Master Chief fight Crono in Card Sagas Wars

Why have one video game when you can have ALL of them

Approximately two weeks ago the massive sprite-based crossover fangame Card Sagas Wars spontaneously re-emerged with a public release. As of July 1, CSW has released and received two content updates. Developers Ahruon and Orkimedes reiterate that there are no immediate plans for further content updates nor bug fixes as they are preparing a new and original project instead.

The final roster includes Link, Mega Man X, Cloud, KOS-MOS, Crono, Etna, Ivy, Soma, Lenneth, Samus, Valkyrie, and everyone’s favorite anime-stylized game protagonist Master Chief. This build includes the usual Arcade, Versus, and Training modes as well as seven stages from these characters’ games to duke it out on.

While it shows that this is a prototype — for example, the download site mentions Etna’s incomplete moves — I’ve already seen a lot of love for it online in versus matches, combo videos and super exhibitions. I’ve never seen any other fighting game on the MUGEN engine look so good, and it warms my heart to see it resurface. If this is what these two could manage seven years ago, I’m really curious to see how their new project will fare once they share it! But in the meantime, you might want to grab Card Sagas Wars while you still can, if you know what I mean.

Card Sagas Wars download [Card Sagas Wars]

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