You can now get ripped off for retro trade-ins at all GameStops

$29.99 for Ocarina of Time sounds great…

It has been quite some time since a GameStop actually had retro hardware and games within its walls. Last year, the mega corporation tinkered with the idea of bringing back retro trade-ins and it looks like that initiative has gone over well. According to Nintendo Everything, all GameStop stores will now be accepting retro games.

Taking a quick glance at the retailer’s website, I don’t think I’d drop $54.99 for Super Smash Bros. Melee, but at least there is some kind of mainstream way to get your retro gaming fix. For as neat as Game X Change might be, the quality of its products is scattershot. I at least know, from firsthand experience, that GameStop puts a bit more pride in the condition of its trade-ins.

I’d like to get some confirmation on how much trade-ins would yield, but selling your games on eBay is always a better option. Retro games are worth a lot to the right people and GameStop is certainly not one of the “right” ones.

GameStop now taking retro trade-ins at all stores [Nintendo Everything]

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