You can now buy some iPad games before you get an iPad

No need to wait until official launch day to download the day-one offerings for the Apple iPad. The App Store is already cluttered with hundreds of Cupertino tablet-specific releases, most of which appear to be basic “HD” upgrades of previous iPhone releases. Some notables we’ve discovered thus far, and may deserve some attention when you receive your new device, are Plants vs. Zombies HD, Flight Control HD, Minigore HD, Real Racing HD, N.O.V.A. HD, UNO HD, Mirror’s Edge for iPad, Tetris for iPad … and many, many more actually.

An interesting note about the pricing: publishers are avoiding the $.99 to $1.99 price point. Most games are sitting around $9.99 and $12-14.99, which is fairly steep by App Store standards. Makes us wonder how quickly the prices will sink. If they don’t, well, we won’t be buying many iPad games. That’s for sure.

Brad BradNicholson