You can never have enough Dark Souls prints

These aren’t cheap, but you get what you pay for

We’ve featured video game prints from Cook & Becker several times before, and when I think of specific series that lend themselves particularly well to the wall treatment, Dark Souls ranks up there.

There’s a new line of prints on sale now covering Firelink Shrine all the way down to Blighttown. They aren’t that big, or cheap (we’re talking $80 on the low end, $110 on the high), but quality costs.

“We have been wanting to do these for a long time,” a rep wrote on NeoGAF. “We start with [Dark Souls] and early next year we’ll add DSII and DSIII prints to the collection.” Before you even ask, “Unfortunately we can’t do Demons Souls (yet).” If that ever comes to fruition, I’ll have a tough time resisting.

I feel like this iconic Souls imagery is the standout print, but I do also have a soft spot for that “Tower of Crows” art shown up top. It perfectly encapsulates that foreboding atmosphere.

Find the full set, including a piece for Gwyn, Lord of Cinder, in the gallery below.

Dark Souls prints [Cook & Becker via NeoGAF]

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