You can get Volgarr the Viking for $1 in the Adult Swim Humble Bundle

Why haven’t you done it already?

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Its still super crazy, to me, how Adult Swim seamlessly transitioned into video game publishing. I used to watch them with an almost religious devotion when I was a teen and that followed me into college. My roommate freshman year had never seen Futurama before meeting me, but after that first year, he had watched the entire series about four times through.

Anyway, you can get Volgarr the Viking for a dollar in the newest Humble Bundle, based on Adult Swim Games. Some of the other games are pretty good, too, but Volgarr is absolutely worth that low entry price. As a matter of fact, why are you even reading this? Just go buy Volgarr and prepare to get your teeth kicked in for a few hours. It will turn you into a bad ass, guaranteed.

The other games are as follows:

$1 Tier:

Beat the Average ($6.25 at time of writing) Tier:

$12 or More Tier:

Humble Adult Swim Games Bundle [Humble Bundle]

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