You can get five crowns in Fall Guys for sharing your take on the future of the game

Mediatonic is looking for opinions with a new survey

If you’re in the mood for easy crowns in Fall Guys (who isn’t?) and you can spare several minutes to fill out a survey about the state of the game and future seasons, Mediatonic would like a quick word. The developer is currently running a survey that Fall Guys players can fill out to earn five free crowns.

The survey is pretty painless as far as these things often go and it covers a range of questions about what went right and wrong with the seasonal format so far, but two prompts jumped out at me.

One prompt asks participants to rank the types of rounds they want to see in the future, including big race levels, final rounds, survival levels, logic puzzles, team rounds, and player grabbing rounds.

Another forward-looking question asks respondents to pick their five most-wanted features for Fall Guys. Some of the suggestions are Squads mode, time trials, tournaments, a training room, split-screen, creator mode, cross-play, private lobbies, voice chat, ranked leagues, and a 30 vs. 30 mode.

The developers clearly have good ideas for the future of this game – it’s just a matter of priorities. If you ducked out of Season 2 and haven’t been back for Season 3, it’s good. Much, much better, in fact.

If you fill out the survey, you should get the crowns within a week at most. I need that Cyberdemon.

Jordan Devore
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