You can get a replica Linking Book for Myst’s 25th Anniversary

But only through Kickstarter

As we recently learned, Cyan is celebrating Myst‘s 25th anniversary with new versions of every Myst game that are compatible with modern PCs. The company is also assembling something special for fans: a limited-run, Kickstarter-only physical edition with a 1:1 replica Linking Book. That package will run you $100, but there’s also a $169 tier that incorporates an LCD screen and speaker into the book.

If you just want digital copies of the games, the pricing comes to $49 for Windows 10 versions of the seven titles: Myst: Masterpiece, Riven, Myst 3: Exile, Myst 4: Revelation, Myst 5: End of Ages, Uru: Complete Chronicles, and realMyst: Masterpiece Edition.

“This Kickstarter will provide the entire collection in a special exclusive package, but the updated versions of the games will also make their way to digital download services, starting with, as automatic updates.”

Cyan also added that while it doesn’t have the capacity to release updated Mac versions at this time, the studio hopes to “continue to work to update or rebuild some of the Mac titles, and explore other options to try to make more of the games playable again on the Mac in the future.”

Myst 25th Anniversary Collection [Kickstarter]

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