You can easily score this new D.Va look in Overwatch

Just win nine games

At the risk of jinxing us all, I think unlocking the new D.Va skin should be relatively quick and painless. Blizzard is currently rewarding Overwatch players with two sprays, an icon, and the shiny new Nano Cola skin. All you have to do is win a total of nine games between now and September 10. That’s it!

Even better, the Arcade, Quick Play, and Competitive modes all count. So if you’re already committed to playing Arcade each week for loot box rewards, you won’t even have to go out of your way.

In my mind, this is a Slurm skin. You can’t convince me otherwise.

Between the recent animated short, that upcoming Nerf blaster, and this week’s Nano Cola Challenge, Blizzard has been showing D.Va a lot of love — deservedly, I might add. She’s the bomb!

Nano Cola rewards for D.Va

Aside from those in-game rewards, Blizzard has also whipped up a handful of cutesy D.Va emoji sprays available as Twitch Drops. To earn these, you’ll need to link your account and watch two, four, six, or up to eight hours of Twitch streams from participating streamers like Seagull and Mirage.

No time for rest.

Jordan Devore
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