You can catch me in Primorsk but my heart’s in Lipovka

Keep going to the military base, idiots

I’ve always loved when people insist that they love an inferior city more than the clearly-superior city they currently reside in. “I guess I’m in San Diego right now, but my heart will always be in Gary, Indiana!” Garbage.

Anyway, that anecdote is null and void as far as this headline goes. Lipovka is, hands down, the best city. They have a very nice diner. The education system is second to none. Beach front property. Violent crime might be up a smidgen, but that problem isn’t unique to Lipovka.

But, against our better judgment, we bookended this video with Primorsk runs. And it went okay! The quarry’s a whole heap of trouble, but Primorsk is a very suitable vacation town.

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