You can buy designer Super Mario clothes for probably hundreds of dollars

Official partnership with Nintendo

Sure, you can get a knockoff Super Mario Bros. shirt with the plumber, slightly discolored, fighting Darth Vader with a Mickey Mouse head in Chinatown for $5, but ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby.

Nintendo has partnered with Italian designer Moschino to produce, “printed T-shirts and knitted sweaters, characterized by the graphic of video game hero Mario, along with a series of colorful bags and accessories in leather, ranging from backpacks to bucket bags, and from wallets to belts – all personalized with images of Luigi, Princess Peach, coins, stars and mushrooms that appear during Mario’s many adventures.”

Just browsing the designer’s online catalog you can find things like siq Daffy Duck sweaters, normally $850, on sale for a generous $425. Or Looney Tunes handbags, normally $900, discounted to $475. I imagine prices for the Mario apparel would be similar, so if you want to drop a month’s rent on a designer Mario belt, be my guest.

Moschino’s Mario line goes on sale December 5 on the website; at Moschino boutiques in Milan, Rome, Paris, New York and Los Angeles; and “at the world’s most prestigious multibrand stores.”

Steven Hansen