You can become a part of Silent Hill’s graveyard

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Today, Konami announced a new promotion for Silent Hill: Downpour over on their Facebook page. The event, “Be Buried in Silent Hill,” offers gamers the opportunity to leave a little bit of themselves in everyone’s favorite vacation getaway. Konami is asking fans to put together concept art for a frightening burial sculpture. The top six chosen by Konami will then be put to a vote on Facebook and the three highest voted will be put into the game.

Konami is pretty clear that they aren’t looking for “fan works” here, in that they don’t want references to other Silent Hill media, but I would expect just about anything else you could squeeze past the ESRB to be just fine. Submissions are being accepted now and voting for the winners will begin on February 10th.

It’s always neat when developers can find ways to include their audience and I’m sure this is going to make a few Silent Hill fans incredibly happy. Anybody here have an idea they’re going to enter?

“Be Buried in Silent Hill” [Facebook]

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