You are cordially invited to King Knight’s debut at PAX West

Knights of the Round Table!

[Header courtesy of Saraharcana on DeviantArt]

Shovel Knight is the game that keeps on giving. Already packed to the brim with three individual campaigns to play, Yacht Club Games is following through on its Kickstarter promise of a fourth story mode featuring King Knight. Fans eager to see or try out the new story will get their first shot at PAX West in September of this year.

As much as I don’t care for King Knight, getting more stuff to do in Shovel Knight really pleases me. I almost feel bad buying the game during a Steam sale considering the amount of game time I’ve gotten out of it.

Shovel Knight was already a classic at launch, but its shaped up to be the single best example of 2D retro gaming along with becoming the standout star of Kickstarter funded titles. More developers should take note of how Yacht Club Games has handled its work and follow suit.

Yacht Club Games [Twitter]

Peter Glagowski
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