Yoot Saito is teasing a new Seaman project

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Seaman might be returning. Can they — can they do that?

Yoot Saito, the creator of the oddball Dreamcast game about talking to and raising a human-faced fish, seems to be putting the early word out there, but there isn’t much of anything to show yet.

We last heard from Saito at BitSummit 2016, where he revealed his intention to get back into games, possibly with a spiritual successor. He also said “The risk takers are always… Sexy. I love them.”

For now, aside from this tweet and an earlier one shared on May 22, there’s only a simple “Under Construction” website. I have to imagine this is all building up to an inevitable Kickstarter campaign.

I’m also reminded that we never got Seaman 3DS, dang it all.

Yoot Saito [Twitter]

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