Yooka-Laylee is getting a non-functional Nintendo 64 cart for its Switch physical release

3,000 limited collector’s editions are up for grabs on September 7

Playtonic has continued to upgrade Yooka-Laylee over time, and in the spirit of their N64 visual option, they’re now offering a Nintendo 64 cart through Limited Run Games. Don’t get too excited though: this cart isn’t functional.

The team announced the news by way of Kickstarter, which pertains to an actual limited run of a collector’s edition for $74.99. There’s 3,000 copies total, and it’ll sport the actual game on Switch, a retro collector’s edition box, a poster, said cartridge, and the soundtrack. You can find the listing here (set to go live on September 7), or spring for just the Switch edition itself for $49.99. Concessions will be made for early access for Kickstarter backers.

Limited Run Games says that the box is “being produced at the exact dimensions as a classic N64 box, and will be made of the same material with the same finishing process.” Yooka-Laylee isn’t for everyone so I don’t recommend impulse-buying this giant commitment, but it’ll probably make some retro collectors happy.

Nintendo Switch Physical [Kickstarter]

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