Yoo-es-ay: Americans to thank for Trauma Team forensics

Americans, give yourselves a pat on the back, for it’s you that the busty Naomi Kimishima (as above) has to thank for her current line of work in Trauma Team‘s forensics department.

As you may know from Destructoid’s preview of the game, Trauma Team covers six action-packed branches of the medical profession: Surgery, Diagnostics, Endoscopy, Orthopedics, First Response, and Forensics. According to a roundtable discussion placed on the Atlus website about the game’s features, suggestions from Atlus USA influenced the development of that last mechanic. Members of the “Atlus Faithful” may remember filling out surveys with regard to future Trauma Center entries some months back, and doubtless some this feedback made its way to the supreme headquarters in Nippon-landia.

It seems that the forensics mechanics were originally concentrated around the conduction of autopsies, but thanks to feedback from the international audience, emphasis on gathering evidence, investigation and case-building was strengthened. Weird as it may sound, case-building also takes a few cues from the Demon Fusion found in the flagship Shin Megami Tensei titles.

Forensics will also carry more weight in terms of time spent compared to the Surgery that made up the whole of previous installments’ mechanics. Players can expect to play an hour’s worth of Forensic investigation compared to several minutes’ worth of surgery in the game’s early stages.

All that, combined with the Diagnostic aspect (involving a character with an uncanny resemblance to Cowboy Bebop’s Spike and Dr. House), lead to a considerable increase in voiced dialog in Trauma Team. If you can believe it, Trauma Team has more voiced content than the whole of Persona 4!

So remember this, yankees. Atlus had you in mind when they put Ms. Kimishima and her twins to work. I encourage you to show that their consideration paid off, and especially at the game’s newly-lowered price point. If you’re still not convinced, try viewing a trailer below.

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