Yomawari: Lost in the Dark headed west on PS4, PC, and Switch

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Are You Afraid of the Dark?

The super-cute, super-spoopy Japanese ghost story Yomawari 3 is officially headed to these shores. As announced by publisher NIS America, the freshly re-monikered Yomawari: Lost in the Dark will launch on PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch this fall, hopefully in time for Halloween!

As previously reported, Yomawari: LitD sees a young girl on an intrepid and spine-chilling quest to free her hometown from a mysterious curse. Armed with little more than steel nerves and a flashlight, our teeny hero must brave the avenues, alleyways, woodland, and interiors of the haunted town, gathering clues and learning the lore behind the town’s fate and her own part to play in its legacy.

Lacking in combat skills, our nameless protagonist must use cunning, guile, and the overwhelming power of closing their eyes in order to outwit and outmaneuver her ghostly opposition. Listen to your own heartbeat to detect oncoming presences¬† On the plus side, the character is fully customizable… So at least you can look fabulous while fighting off legions of the undead.

With a strong emphasis on tension, dread, and hair-raising chills over violent shocks and lame jump-scares, Lost in the Dark looks to be a delightfully creepy ghost story in the more classical horror sense, and may eventually prove to be the perfect title to play when you’re all safely snuggled up in bed on those cold fall nights.

Just don’t look under the bed.

Yomawari: Lost in the Dark launches in the west on PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch this fall.

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