Yoko Taro says he’ll do a Drakengard remaster collection if Square Enix pays for it

Alright alright alright

Drakengard is a wonderful, weird series that thrust Yoko Taro, also known as “that guy that wears the moon on this head” into the limelight. He directed the first game and from there, was given a host of projects (in different capacities) that took place inside the same universe, including two Drakengard follow-ups and two NieR titles. He’s the face of the franchise, and at PAX East, he noted that he was open to giving us a Drakengard collection at some point.

Kicking off with the proviso that no NieR: Automata DLC was coming because they didn’t have the budget, he did say that if Square Enix picked up the bill, they’d remaster and re-release all three Drakengard games as a collection. Although he didn’t specify this, if it took off, it could easily lead to a remaster of the original NieR.

Don’t get your hopes up, but at least it’s on the radar right now, and likely in Square Enix’s hands.

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