Yo-Kai Watch 4 brings back the always lovable ‘Gera Gera Po’ theme

Check out the intro below

Yo-Kai Watch went into a different direction a few years ago and it didn’t quite work out. Naturally, Level-5 is going back to their roots.

The intro to the Switch-exclusive Yo-Kai Watch 4 is basically a greatest hits of the series, showing off Nate and Hailey, two of the main protagonists of the original run, alongside of Shadowside characters. Shadowside, as you may recall, was Level-5’s attempt to bring some edge into their universe to appeal to an aging demographic, but the company has since backpedaled from that concept. Not only are they introducing a new anime series with a more comical theme, but they’re also leaning heavily into nostalgia with Yo-Kai Watch 4.

We’ll see just how successful they are when it launches during E3 season in Japan on June 6. Western fans still don’t have a release window, but Nintendo hasn’t failed them yet, despite less than anticipated sales.

Chris Carter
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