Yggdra Union is great! Also, preorder bonus

Last week we brought you some new screenshots and details on Atlus’ upcoming PSP strategy RPG, Yggdra Union. This is a remake of a Game Boy Advance sleeper hit, sporting a serious face lift and chin tuck. It’s like seeing that cute girl from high school a few years later: she looks way better now, and she’s still single! 

We missed the press release a few days ago [you should see our editor’s inbox], but it’s still not too late to preorder Yggdra Union at GameStop or GameStop.com and nab a 56-track soundtrack CD from the game. This was previously a Japan exclusive, so be happy about this! And don’t think you’re getting Game Boy Advance audio here; the soundtrack has been nicely rearranged, and now is CD quality and generally kickass.

You’ve got until September 16th, the game’s release date, to preorder Yggdra Union and get this soundtrack.

Enough about the music, let’s talk about the game: I’ve been blasting through my review copy, and I have to say that I cannot put this down. Anyone who regularly reads Destructoid knows that I play a lot of SRPGs. This is the first one I’ve played in a long time that has had me actually excited to play it. The design and gameplay are seriously addictive; the battle mechanic actually has you doing something and not just watching a random outcome. The new music and art are like icing on the cake. Look forward to my review early next month.

Dale North