Yet another Pokken Tournament character will be revealed in November

GOTY version on the Switch?

It feels weird reporting on all this rad Pokken Tournament news and having Nintendo and Bandai Namco staying completely silent about the Wii U version, but here we go again.

As revealed by the game’s official Twitter account, another mystery Pokemon is set to grace the arcade edition, following Darkrai and Scizor. They’ll be revealed on November 1, and based on the [correct] leaks given so far, it will be Empoleon.

Even though it sold well on the Wii U, perhaps the Bandai/Nintendo collective are staying silent because of an impending Switch port? It would almost be too soon, and having to re-buy the game instead of merely picking up some DLC piecemeal a la Smash Bros. would be a bummer, but it would probably sell well and give the Switch a debut fighting game in the process.

Pokken [Twitter]

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