Yesssss, inject all the Steam Awards art directly into my veins

We fancy

The Steam Awards are back again, and that has one meaningful and positive side effect: The Steam Awards art is back again. This is what we should all be thankful for.

Last year’s pieces were fantastic, and these ones are similarly great. But, there’s one notable change in theme. These six pieces are all based on individual games, whereas 2016’s were just random illustrations. From the top down, those games are: The Long Dark, Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator, Oxygen Not Included, Night in the Woods, Pyre, and Tooth & Tail.

You know what this means: New computer backgrounds. I’m currently rocking two from last year (astronauts on my laptop, whale on my desktop). A green-tailed dunking dog seems like something I’d want to look at every day.

The Steam Awards [Steam]

Brett Makedonski
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