Yes, you can hatch a Charmander in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

You can hatch a Charmander in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 0

It’s an easy thing to miss!

On my first go-around with the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Charizard Tera Raid event, I completely missed that you can hatch a Charmander. I saw the official restriction of “only one Charizard can be earned from raids per save file” and took it at face value.

So on this second run, I just threw caution to the wind and tried to breed a Charizard to see what would happened. The results? Lots of new Charmanders to give out! Here’s how to breed one and evolve it.

Use the standard egg hatching method with Ditto and your Tera Raid Charizard

There’s nothing really new here that you need to do: just use the same egg hatching method, but have Ditto and your raid Charizard in your party.

Start a picnic, and if you want, eat an egg-based sandwich to increase the rate in which eggs trigger. After some time passes at your picnic with the aforementioned parameters, walk over to the basket on the other side of the picnic table, and see if there’s an egg in there (there could be multiple!).

If you need a refresh, we have a full guide on where to find Ditto here, and a comprehensive guide on egg hatching here.

You can hatch a Charmander in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 3

Charmander evolves into Charmeleon at level 16, and Charizard at level 36

After hatching, the default Charmander will have the scratch and growl moves as a level 1 Pokemon. You can find the stats of my particular Charmander above.

Note that you can evolve your Charmander as normal. At level 16, it’ll turn into a Charmeleon, and at level 36, it’ll evolve into a Charizard.

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